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Thank you so much! :) if you could share that last blog post about what my blog is for id appreciate it! And yay for your 1,000 + followers- love what you're doing!
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i did it :)
and thank you so much!! haha


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myspoonfulofglitter : What is my blog about?

I’m a young literature professor (PhD in literature) and I just want to help teens and teen writers! I’ve had so much support from my followers and I am very grateful!



check this amazing blog! the tips are really usefull

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Hello, you've got a wonderful tumblr. It is so hard for students to study when they are not passionate about the subject. What are you recommendations if that is the case? How do you study what you don't care to learn?
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i really understand what you mean! A year ago i had spanish classes… i was so bad at it you have no idea. so i losed interest in it. Unfortunately i think i don’t really have tips, cause i just changed the subject and took italian instead. But really if you can’t change think that it’s just for a little bit of time that you have to do that. In some years you’ll have a job and if you don’t study you’ll regret it. Don’t try to have A at least try to have B it could be great. (sorry idk what it represent because in my country we have marks out of 20…) Maybe you can try to work that subject with a friend. But the most important think is to not study that subject for hours and without breaks. The point is to have good grades not to make you hate that subject a lot more that you already do.
i’m sorry idk if that helped you, but i hope

Hey! Just started following your blog- I am a young professor- I have a PhD in literature and just want to help as many teens as possible. I write inspirational posts for teens and give teen writers feedback on their writing. I also give study tips. I'd appreciate it if you could share this as a resource on your blogs- trying to reach as many teens as possible :) Thank you and have a wonderful day!
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i’ll try to do as much as possible. your blog is really great!


Almost back to school? Dreading that English class essay? Want to know how to get an A? Here are some tips from an English professor- this is what your teachers look for!

1- Read the instructions very carefully. I’m stating the obvious? Well, I’ve had many conversations with teachers and…

thank you!! i have now more than 1,700 followers :D you made my day happy (and i really needed it, cause i’m going through a hard time)